5 Reasons to do a Boudoir Photoshoot in Your Fifties

5 Reasons to do a Boudoir Photoshoot in Your Fifties

Fifty is the new forty, right?

While societal stereotypes and stigmas have long mourned the young woman aging and deemed her less valuable as she grows older, perspective is shifting. These days, culture is finally recognizing that women over fifty aren’t letting anything stop them — certainly not age-old stereotypes. Starting new businesses, new partnerships, and new hobbies is commonplace for this demographic, and they’re also much more financially independent than previous generations.

There are so many reasons to celebrate your mid-century milestone instead of hiding away from it. A boudoir photo shoot, especially if it’s just for you, can be a fabulously empowering way to embrace your fifties. 

Five reasons why you should do a boudoir shoot after 50:

The camera picks up on your badass confidence.

When you look at many of the boudoir photos on a photographer’s site you’ll notice photos may not always show a woman’s face. If that doesn’t feel right to you, take control of your photo shoot and communicate to the photographer that you’d like your face emphasized just as much as your body. After all, you’re paying to have your hair and makeup done for the shoot, so why not have some of the photos capture your sexy look? This is especially relevant for women over fifty. You only thought you gained confidence at forty, but then you made it to your fifties and realized how much you truly have accomplished, and the camera will love you for it! Embrace the experience and use it as a mediation to be present and celebrate every single curve, mark, and wrinkle on your face and your body. You’ve worked hard for them, and they are beautiful. 

Boudoir is no longer taboo. 

Okay, you’re in your fifties and you no longer give a F*&! what anyone thinks. You don’t think twice about wearing that top that shows a bit of cleavage, that skirt that some might deem a bit too short or those thigh high boots. But doing a Boudoir photography session? Whoa - that’s for the eccentric or for those that have nothing better to do with their money, right? Wrong! Many women of all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities are letting loose in the form of a boudoir photo shoot. There’s nothing taboo or deviant about celebrating your gorgeous body no matter what stage of life you are in — and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Your body deserves to be celebrated every day, but you’ve earned this moment to capture the celebration and put it on film. 

Your body has accomplished a lot - be proud of it. 

We’ve been told that we’re more than our looks, but that’s not always what has been reflected back to us, especially as we’ve gotten older. We’ve been encouraged to study hard and get a good job, yet we’ve still had to deal with the same societal pressures for creating and caring for families that our mothers and grandmothers did. However you have navigated these paradoxes, your body has been there for you and been good to you, and you should be proud of it. The things the human body can do, particularly those who give birth, are truly mind-boggling. We can carry another life inside us, nourish it and give it life. Our breasts are capable of providing food filled with strong antibodies to our children. Shouldn’t we love it enough to treat it to some fancy lingerie and let someone capture it? 

You don’t have to be in the gym seven days a week and have a model’s body to look fabulous in lingerie. 

So once you get the boudoir bug — trust me it’s a thing — don’t doubt yourself. Here’s how it happens; some other women start talking about it, or perhaps a friend shares a couple of her photos from a boudoir shoot and you start thinking, “Hey, I want to do this.” But then you start googling boudoir photographers and you start seeing the gorgeous pictures of women with seemingly perfect bodies sprawled across a velvet couch, in the sexiest lingerie grasping their stilettos or wrapped up in a bedsheet with the curve of their seemingly perfect breast showing. How can you compete? The good news is, there’s nothing to compete for. This isn’t a competition, this is a celebration.  

A good boudoir photographer will use the light and shadows to your advantage, really showing you off — seriously. Many of these photographers don’t use photoshop at all (plus, you can always make a point to ask them not to), and you’ll be amazed at how terrific they are at directing you to pose a certain way that may seem awkward at first, but the result is one hot looking mama! 

Boudoir photos are good for your self esteem

Think about how fantastic it will be to look back on these photos ten, twenty or even thirty years from now and realize how smoking hot you were — and have always been. Let it be a reminder to you that you are desirable and elegant at every age, and the shape or firmness of your body has nothing to do with it. While many choose a boudoir session as a gift for their significant other or spouse, many simply choose to do it to capture the comfort they finally feel in their own skin, the joy they’ve worked hard to discover and to own. Whatever your reason to do it, make sure it’s an experience for you, relishing in the session itself, with some sultry souvenirs at the end to boot.  


by Malika Bowling