A California Vacation — CBD Style?

A California Vacation — CBD Style?

When taking time off, you’ve earned the right to relax, revitalize, and enjoy every moment of your downtime. Indulging whatever activities bring you joy is the perfect way to plan your itinerary. With immersive travel continuing to expand, one trend we’ve taken note of is the increase of CBD treatments at destinations around the globe. These services range from massages and facials to wraps and baths, and with wellness top of mind, the aim is to enhance the guest experience by taking you from stressed out to chill out as soon as possible. We’ll begin with one of the most laid-back states in the country—California—and two unique properties, completely different in surroundings and vibe, well worth a visit. 

Mount View Hotel & Spa

A historic hotel located in the center of downtown Calistoga, the Mount View Hotel & Spa is a stay in the heart of wine country that offers a lot more than a bounty of amazing bottles. This year marks its 100 anniversary and the art deco interiors and original architectural details are a sight to behold, and with hundreds of renowned wineries and activities to enjoy in the region, there’s plenty to sip, see, and experience. Depending on which set of wheels you want, you can opt for a day of winery tours with curated tastings and get a private driver to take you around, or head to the Calistoga Bike Shop for premium bike rentals and self-guided winery tours. There are also two bike paths that the city recommends, and for those who want additional guidance, Getaway Adventures has curated tour that features 3-4 wineries, a grapes lesson with guide, and a curated picnic. 

Outdoor enthusiasts can get their adrenaline flowing with a hike on the Oat Hill Mine Trail, riding in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley, visiting the Old Faithful Geyser of California or the Petrified Forest. The last two choices are a great way to combine a love of nature into an adventure. Now, once you’ve thoroughly exhausted yourself, it’s time to unwind and indulge in your choice of three CBD-related services at the spa on-site: Sound Healing with a CBD Wrap; a CBD Massage; and "The BOMB" Hydrotherapy Bath with CBD bath bomb. The Sound Healing with CBD Wrap is a dry brush exfoliation followed by a wrap of CBD-extracted creams with aromatherapy designed to soothe achy muscles and dry skin and it comes with your choice of Binaural Beats and headset. You can choose between 30- or 50-minute sessions. The CBD Massage, also 50 minutes, features oils targeted to soothe tired and sore muscles while also mellowing the mind. With this treatment you have the option to extend the experience for 30 minutes by adding on a collagen facial mask too. And finally, we get to The Bomb—which is the bomb. Packed with the ultimate therapeutic effect, it combines a hydrotherapy bath with a CBD bath bomb and a CBD oil massage. (Note: The anti-inflammatory compounds found in the cannabis that are extracted for these services contain no THC.) In addition to the spa, the Mountain View has two restaurants onsite and the Indie Blue Salon Experience where guest can enjoy coffee and pastries in the morning and a wine tasting in the evening. Of course, culture lovers also get their fix with plenty of arts, music, and shopping downtown.

Desert Hot Springs Inn

If Southern California is an area that attracts you more—and you’re open to a cannabis and dog-friendly destination—Desert Hot Springs Inn in Desert Hot Springs may be more your speed. It’s a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts and culture buffs. Nestled near the foothills of the Joshua Tree National Park, this mid-century modern property is a natural springs inn that attracts guests from around the globe. It offers spectacular views of the San Jacinto, San Bernardino, and San Rosa mountains and panoramic views of the Coachella Valley desert, a northwestern extension of the Colorado Desert. The breathtaking landscape is ideal for walking, hiking, and rock climbing. Built over one of the world’s finest natural hot mineral aquifers, the healing waters of Desert Hot Springs’ therapeutic waters are accessible year-round at the pool onsite (85° F) and bubbling spa (102° F). Both are a great antidote to daily stress whether you opt to swim, soak, or indulge in both. 

The rooms at the Desert Hot Springs Inn open to a secluded pool/spa courtyard through French doors, and there is a private backyard park overlooking mountain views by day and city lights by night. Desert Hot Springs was the first city in Southern California to legalize the cultivation of large-scale medical marijuana. Although there are plenty of cannabis tourists and guests who come to town (and the hotel) to relax and enjoy medical marijuana, there are plenty of non-users as well. The hotel is large enough to accommodate all types of travelers. 

One of the most popular experiences with everyone is the inn’s CBD oil massages. The spa treatments aim to relieve muscle soreness, chronic pain, tension, and stress. The inn’s signature oil blend has been lab tested and certified to contain 50mgs of CBD per ounce. Options include the Timeless Swedish Massage, designed to warm up muscle tissue to release tension and improve circulation; the Deep Tissue Massage, which focuses on realigning deep layers of muscles and connective tissue; the Combo Massage, which combines the Timeless Swedish Massage with Deep Tissue; and the Lymphatic Massage, which encourages the body’s natural healing process of releasing toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. 

Palm Springs

Palm Springs, a resort city that features casinos, entertainment, golf, museums, shopping and restaurants, is only 15 minutes away. The region is also known for its old-time celebrity charm, says innkeeper John Thatcher. “Lucie Arniz, Lily Tomlin, and Suzanne Somers all live in the area, while Leonardo DiCaprio owns the Dinah Shore Palm Spring Estate in Old Las Palmas, a neighborhood that’s known for vacation homes once inhabited by Hollywood heavyweights such as Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor—among others.” Remember the famous photo of The Doors’ Jim Morrison near the waterfall in Tahquitz Canyon Creek? That’s here too, so you can recreate that pose, tour some celebrity homes, check out a cannabis wellness tour, or just kick back, relax, and hang by the pool. 


by Stephanie Schwalb