CBD Top Tips: From Topical to Edible

CBD Top Tips: From Topical to Edible

With so many forms of CBD oil in so many products today, it can be challenging to weed out (so to speak) which ones are for you. First thing’s first: CBD (cannabidiol) won’t get you high. While it is one of more than 130 natural compounds found in hemp plants, Legal Full Spectrum CBD will have a maximum level of 0.3% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, marijuana’s main psychoactive compound that gets you high)—such an imperceptible amount won’t ever have those effects. Instead, CBD is used to promote your body’s natural balance against things that disrupt it, like elevated stress, mood changes, or sleep issues.

We spoke with Feliks Gurevich, co-founder of Baked Bazaar, about his online marketplace specializing in artisanal CBD products ranging from beverages, edibles, and fresh baked goods, to CBD oils, topicals, and pet products. He took us through his vetting process and also provided some fast facts on key things to look for—whether you need help sleeping, want to revitalize stiff muscles, or relieve everyday anxiety.


Because CBD oil-based topicals are absorbed directly into the skin, they can take effect quickly on things like aches stemming from an everyday active lifestyle. If you are looking to alleviate pain (i.e. shoulders or knees), these creams are a good choice for instant relief—although it’s important to note the effect won’t last as long as forms of CBD oil that are ingested.


Since edibles take longer to absorb into the bloodstream, they are a good option to consider for anxiety and sleep issues. If you have a first date you want to feel relaxed for—or an important morning meeting tomorrow that requires a lot of zzz’s—the fact that edibles can last four to five hours will help you feel an increased, ongoing sense of calm.


No matter what product you are thinking of purchasing, be sure to check the lab report before you buy. Just as with any edible or topical treatment, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients or recognize them—do your research to find out what they are.


Some good research sources online include CBD Origin, a website featuring articles, news, product reviews, and products for purchase; and CannaGather, the largest cannabis industry community in the U.S. Newcomers and industry leaders can find educational and networking events across the country on the CannaGather site, and its namesake event—which first began in New York City—often features talks where politicians on the regulatory side and those involved in research discuss industry topics, insights, and updates. (Note: No cannabis consumption is permitted at these events.)


Check out CBD events or pop into pop-ups. The Cannabinoid Association hosts CBD Expos across the country that are a hybrid of business to business and business to consumer conferences. There is also the USA CBD Expo, which is hosting similar events throughout 2020. Individual companies are also hosting their own pop-up shops from time to time, and Baked Bazaar is one of them. They’ll be hosting their first experience in New York City this fall. All of these events give consumers the opportunity to see and sometimes try CBD products firsthand. 

For Gurevich and his wife Karina, their CBD journey first started after they were struggling to find quality CBD products that also tasted good. He admits they didn’t know that much at the outset, so educating themselves about the differences between CBD and other cannabinoids was paramount to the launch of their company. They opted to create a curated experience for buyers by deciding not to list any products they haven’t tried themselves.

Gurevich finds that by and large, those under forty lean more towards beverages, edibles and skincare, while those over forty are generally seeking topicals for sore muscles and CBD products for sleep aids or stress. We think it’s not just because they need it (yes, more years means more wear and tear...) but because they deserve it.

It’s high time, right? (But not literally, of course.)


by Stefanie Schwalb