It happens to all of us, but that doesn’t mean we stop grooving to the music. Our bodies may change, but our lifestyles don’t have to when we’ve got some support.

That’s why we created MainSpring. A company built for us, to represent us. A brand that reflects our active lifestyles — our surfing, swing dancing, and swiping on dating apps — and products to help us be able to enjoy those things even more.

Our Relief Roller is a cooling pain relief topical, expertly formulated to reduce inflammation and provide soothing relief to minor aches and pains that come from all the recreational activities we have no plans of stopping. It’s to carry in your gym bag, your hiking backpack, and to leave it in your car for whenever you need it (or just want to give yourself a nice hands-free massage).

We’re here to help you be as present as possible when you’re walking on the beach with your kids, or when you’re taking in the views from the top of the hike. You deserve to focus on staying active for the joy of it, ignoring the pesky distractions that come from discomfort.